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Transforming Influencer Ideas into Brandable Fashion NFTs with AI

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Prepare yourselves for an exciting update!

We are on the verge of announcing our exclusive private round

Stay tuned for more details!


MYAX is a monetization platform for over 200 million influencers to create digital wearables.


The intuitive process allows content creators to bring their ideas to life without any technical barriers.


Empowering content creators along with their 4 billion followers; generating $200 million annual economic emission with $MYAX Token!

+200 Million
+4 Billion
+$250 Billion
Creator Economy

How It Works

Discover the magic of MYAX's AI capabilities. From custom NFT minting to utility addition, explore how our platform breathes life into your concepts. Your influence meets the sophistication of cutting-edge technology.


Turn Your Ideas into Web2/Web3 Fashion NFTs with AI

Embrace the power of AI to bring your ideas to life as unique Fashion NFTs.


List Your Collection and Monetize from Your Fanbase

Showcase your creations on our exclusive Fashion NFT marketplace and monetize your influence.


Maximize Fanbase Engagement with NFT Staking

Introduce a new dimension to fan engagement through our pioneering NFT staking mechanism.

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Proof of Concept: aisu's Collection

Monetization Revolutionized

Embrace the power of AI to bring your ideas to life as unique Fashion NFTs.


Real Results

Sales conversion of 0.06% and new influencer signups via campaign at 0.03%.

Myax Token - $MYAX

The fuel of our ecosystem, $MYAX is designed to increase in value over time, with utilities including minting Fashion NFTs, staking, rewards, and burning.

$MYAX Utilities:

Fashion NFTs Minting

Utilize MYAX tokens to craft bespoke Fashion NFTs, catering to content creators, influencers, and fashion designers.



Unlock a myriad of benefits by staking MYAX tokens, offering enhanced engagement for discerning token holders.

Platform Fees


MYAX tokens play a pivotal role in covering various platform fees within the MYAX ecosystem.

Staking NFTs


Pioneering the future, MYAX introduces staking for Fashion NFTs, ensuring a consistent and rewarding experience for holders.


Building Value, Fostering Growth
Unleashing the Power of $MYAX Tokenomics


Deflationary Mechanism:

• Explore how the deflationary edge of $MYAX ensures sustained value appreciation.

• Token burns: A strategic allocation of 40% of marketplace commissions for consistent and controlled token burns.


NFT Staking Rewards:

• Delve into the innovative NFT staking mechanism, offering consistent rewards to holders.

• The longer you stake, the greater your rewards: A dynamic incentive for a thriving ecosystem.


Earnings from the Platform:

• Understand how the success of the MYAX platform directly contributes to token value.

• 40% of all marketplace commissions systematically burned for sustained deflation.


Utility Beyond Minting:

• $MYAX is not just a token; it’s a gateway to an ecosystem of opportunities.





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Open AI

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